Global needs require a new bank.

The customers have had enough. High fees, limited usage and non-transparent processes - convincing reasons to switch your bank account. Is it necessary to charge fees of up to 4% when paying by card in a foreign currency? We do not think so. As a vigorous and established European bank it is our goal to change mobile banking for good, while focusing on the needs of our customers today. We are accessible worldwide, offering full transparency, 24/7 availability and customer service, and the lowest exchange rates on the market, as well as 24 currencies with the best conditions. All with your basic account, card and easy domestic and international payment options. 

This is how we provide users with true freedom for their banking services. Globally, daily and fitting your modern, digital lifestyle. Regardless of your currency or questions - we will be there for you, everywhere and anytime. This is what makes our mobile bank just as flexible as you want it to be.

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